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 Google play music

Google Play Music launched in November 2011 as a contender for the fast-developing streaming market. Now with a 35m piece licensed catalogue available in 58 countries, it stands as one of the top choices for music consumption today, especially within Google's vast Android community, which is now made up of around 1.4bn users across the globe. 


Vistex’s Music Maestro and iMaestro are the leading solutions for administering song catalogs; from registering copyrights, licensing catalogs, processing royalties, paying clients and building global networks. Our Maestro range allows you to seamlessly transfer information between all users of Counterpoint publishing applications. The system automates tasks and delivers the reliability, flexibility and efficiency required for any company serious about music publishing.  Vistex helps enterprises manage the full life cycle of their Go-to-Market programs through strategy, software, implementation, execution, and analytics across many industries.



AIM is a not-for-profit trade body established in 1999 to represent the UK independent music industry. Now in its 16th year, AIM acts for over 90% of the independent market, with over 800 members from small start-ups to the largest and most respected independent labels in the world.   AIM promotes this exciting and diverse sector globally, leveraging the sector’s power as a fourth major to enable its members to grow, grasp new opportunities and break into new markets.


PRS for Music (UK), STIM (Sweden) and GEMA (Germany) have built ICE together to provide an integrated licensing and royalty processing service with a goal of improving the efficiency of the music industry and supporting the growth of the multi-territory music market. ICE offers a flexible suite of services and has been developed from best-in-class technologies that will deliver unparalleled economies of scale, speed, efficiency, accuracy and business intelligence reporting.  It is the fruition of a partnership that harnesses years of combined experience in collective management, servicing and which has shaped the digital market from the outset.

Lewis Silkin & Eleven advisory


Lewis Silkin houses a top-ranked Media & Entertainment group which has an in-depth understanding of how the content industries work, as well as being highly praised for its creative and commercial approach to the challenges and opportunities created in the digital media landscape. The group’s client base includes traditional media giants in music, TV, film and publishing, through to new entrants disrupting the industries with new content models and technology solutions.

Lewis Silkin provides commercially-focused advice across the whole ecosystem: the creation and exploitation of converged media content across all platforms; regulatory issues including editorial and data; sponsorship; branded content, particularly in advising on the marriage of brands, content and talent; audio and music – acting for the leading platforms and rights holders; and talent rights (digital/native talent, artists, presenters and songwriters). 
Eleven Advisory provides commercial, strategic advisory and corporate finance services working with some of the biggest companies and disruptors in audio, music and technology on their strategic issues.

Eleven amplifies its ecosystem of trusted partners and collaborators connecting its clients with the major players in the audio & music business. Eleven works at the forefront of multi-platform audio & music products and platforms, advising artists, brands, and fans.

Many of the Eleven team have worked in-house at media companies or have years of direct industry experience and are therefore at the cutting edge in terms of the development of new formats and business models.



AudienceNet is a fully-accredited, full-service, consumer research company with a specialism in conducting both quantitative and qualitative research for the music, entertainment and technology industries, internationally. Central to AudienceNet’s approach is maximising the value of research by bringing together it’s two main strands (scientifically robust data and depth of insight) in a cost effective way.

AudienceNet utilises state-of-the art connected technology to achieve this goal, and as a result, their methodology resonates particularly well amongst Millennials, where the application of mobile technologies to the research process fits seamlessly into their lives. Their specialism in music, entertainment and technology, coupled with their proficiency in engaging Millennials’, is increasingly reflected in their core client group, which have included: Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony Music, UK Music, the BPI, ERA, SoundCloud, Panasonic, the BBC, PPL and Will.i.am (on the Dial smartwatch).